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PhD Students and Postdocs

The Severe Weather and Climate Lab will move to the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto in January 2024. If you would like to join the group, please consider applying to the PhD program there. I may accept 1-2 PhD students in the coming admissions cycle. Applications are due December 12th.

  • Looking for more Masters, PhD, postdoc and professional opportunities in the Earth sciences? Consider joining this mailing list (mostly US) and this mailing list (more international) to receive daily updates about new opportunities in the US and abroad.

Undergraduate Opportunities

I am open to working with undergraduates who are interested in a research project. Feel free to contact me and set up a meeting if you'd like to get involved with our work, and we can explore whether there is a suitable project for your interests and strengths.

Lab Policy on Free Labor

Unfortunately, we do not allow any members to conduct research without receiving either academic credit, a stipend or a research award. Therefore we are unable to accept volunteer research of any kind.