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* = advised student

In Review/In Press

  • Régibeau-Rockett*, L., O. Pauluis, M.E O'Neill. Investigating the relationship between sea surface temperature and the mechanical efficiency of tropical cyclones. In review.
  • Fu*, H., M.E O'Neill. The small-amplitude dynamics of spontaneous tropical cyclogenesis. In review.
  • Dey*, I., M.E O'Neill. Moist potential vorticity diagnosis of the tropical cyclone boundary layer: Influence of roll vortices. Under revision; ESSOAr
  • Fu*, H., M.E O'Neill. A qualitative theory of cloud spacing for equilibrium deep convection. In review; EarthArXiv
  • Fu*, H., M.E O'Neill. Spontaneous tropical cyclogenesis in a barotropic model. Under revision; EarthArXiv


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  • Adriani, A. et al. (2018). Clusters of cyclones encircling Jupiter's poles. Nature 555:216-219. link
    • Contributed the hypothesis that these packed cyclone features are potentially examples of the vortex crystal phenomenon.
  • O'Neill, M.E, D. Perez-Betancourt, A.A. Wing (2017). Accessible environments for diurnal-period gravity waves in simulated tropical cyclones. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 74:2489-2502. link
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